Working with Young People

Being a young person should, by rights, be highly dynamic, but not traumatic. It is an exciting but complex time where all our relationships are called to challenge, in the quest to find our integrity. We are coming into our fullness of character and finding our place in this ever changing world.

When we are young, we are likely to need a relationship with an adult which is of our own choice, and design, where we can be free to express our truth, without that adult being connected to anyone else in our lives. We may need the chance to cut ourselves free of our childhood pasts and start finding our expression from this new position. This is where a counsellor can be of huge assistance.

I work with young people aged 12 to 25, who are interested in working together and seeking support for themselves, even if they have asked for help with making contact initially. I am passionate about young people, and this period in the life course.

I have worked with young people in many ways, and whilst the classic counselling contract is entirely suitable for many, it is not always what is required for all. Over time, I have learned to diversify the support agreement to include variations such as advocacy (where a young person agrees to it), family work, group work or independent living skills.