The work undertaken in counselling is very difficult to describe or give any kind of overview to, without patronising that which should be left to pure experience. Each of us, with each counsellor will have an utterly unique encounter, and that is what is wonderful about the process.

I work in ways which are first and foremost Relational. That means that I will be very focussed on how we experience one another’s company, how we hear one another, and the kind of mutual language we might establish. The work is about forming a connection strong enough for some tentative subjects to be approached, some laughter to be enjoyed as well as tears shed, and for there to be a trust and safety in our dynamic.

I work in Embodiment. That means that I am always keen to hear from your whole body, rather than just your thoughts. I am also working to notice my whole body as I share in your company and express what I feel where it may be helpful. We may need not to be sitting the whole time, and I am always keen to support our bodies to join in the work of full expression.

I also work using techniques drawn from Gestalt theory and practice. This means we may be actively creative with our imaginations, playful with our means of expression, and encouraging of energetic shift if we feel stuck or fixed.

There is always fluidity and flexibility in all things, so that I can follow your path alongside you, rather than impose any kind of agenda.

I feel it is important to say that I work in ways which are both body positive and sex positive.