I practice an Integrative Model of Relational Counselling. This means that I will always endeavour to make contact with who you are first, and look at ways of working which compliment your nature. I have a very fluid style of working- so I will meet each individual differently.

The alliance we create is really important. Many people find they have never experienced a relationship like a counselling relationship before. The connection you develop will tell you a lot about yourself. I will work in close contact with all the ways you receive experience- through your body and senses, your thoughts and ideas, your emotions and feelings, your intuitions and imaginations.

I believe humour to be a hugely important part of connecting with one another, so always work in a way which is open to laughter and inviting of creative energy.

Typically, we would see one another on a weekly basis, or as regularly as you can. This way, you can start to really begin working on whatever you bring, and on establishing a close working relationship.